Tuesday, March 13, 2012

43 days and counting

I have decided to bring back my blogging skills. I was have so much to say them so little time to say it but I'm finally utilizing my my Dragon software that I got for Christmas. I can't believe how accurate and amazing this is that I can just talk and poof there it is on my screenI guess it is a little cheating because blogging is supposed to be typing but I just don't have the time to type this all out. Tonight it was working on a project with a new technique that includes colored pencils and a solvent called gamsol and I was thinking to myself 30 is not so far away. I can't believe that I counted the days till my 30th birthday. I guess they say this is one milestone that you can't avoid. Growing up I always thought that this day was so far away and now it's just over a month away. Lots of people have been asking me lately what I want to do. I'm not really sure.

But back to my crafting project. Is this techniqueabout a week ago Along with about 12 other techniques that I wanted to try.  So on to the Internet I jumped and ordered colored pencils a gamsol and several other items to get me through the other techniques I've seen. Well… These supplies were supposed to then delivered yesterday but  weren't. Due to the complete lack of on-time delivery that my mailperson gives me.  About 11 AM this morning I was up and getting ready to go wait out by the mailbox so I could give the mail person a piece of my mind my doorbell rang. I couldn't get the door fast enough and when I opened it there were my packages sitting there on the door step and all I could see were the vanishing taillights down my driveway of the scared mail woman's vehicle.

I was as excited as little kid on Christmas. I tore into the boxes frantic to see my new treasures. as I pulled them out of the brown paper wrapping, the packing peanuts, and bubblewrap my mind raced with  a million different project ideas.   In orde to center mysel I had to go back and review all of the you tube videos that I had watched previously.  So I gathered up my stamps, StazOn ink, white card stock, colored pencils, blending stumps,  and my gamsol and got to work. I learned a few valuable lessons today.  Number 1: I'm not very good at coloring in the lines.   Number 2: if you get the gamsol on your paper it will  leave a grease like looking stain.   And number 3: ..... Shoot I got interrupted and now forgotten what I was gonna stay for number 3 ha ha ha ha! I have to think about it and come back.

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