Thursday, November 29, 2012

Not a crafty entry

Not sure where to start this post now that I have started typing it. When I first thought about posting early this morning when I got to work I was going to tell you the uninteresting story of my crafting from last night and show a picture of 1 of the 6 cards I have to finish for a swap I am hosting on MSR. (which will be posted below) But now seeing how I have now wasted most of the day prowling blogs here on blogger I sit here at my computer in a quandary of what to type. So I'll tell you about my blog "hopping" this morning. I first looked on some of the blogs that I subscribe to and none were quite scratching that itch I was feeling. So I wandered over to YT and watched a few videos. When in my feed of YT channels a certain video appeared. It happened to be from someone that I had issue in the past with. Why I can't bring myself to unsubscribe or delete people I don't like?  Why do I have the un-natural need to continue to see what is going on? Some may say it's stalking I call it being informed. hee hee hee! I say tomato you say potato.  Well I know the answers to all those questions and  I blame Paul Harvey and I'll tell you why! He ALWAYS followed up and gave me the rest of the story, and I soon was conditioned to rely on getting all of the information. Now I'm handicapped by my need to have the "whole" story, I don't accept missing bits of information in any story. Ok but back to where this story was originally going now that I myself have just now figured out where I want to go with it.
Where was I...... Oh yes I was on YT. Well I watched the video just to check out/be critical of what the video was of. When towards the end it gave me her blog address. So away I went....checking out the blog and passing my judgements as I went. I went back to the beginning of this year and started reading. Now I'm not going to feed you a bunch of bull where I now feel bad and apologized to her over the issue or where I want to make amends and be BFF with her. But I do feel like I have a bit more of an understanding of her. Don't get me wrong I still think she is crazy as a loon but I can say that I admire her consistent proclamation of her faith with out embarrassment, shame or hesitation.

This hasn't sparked a complete revolution in my attitude but it has made me realize that my negitive and judgemental ways need some mending. I got to thinking all the negative thoughts and actions that I have are a slow poision to my daily life. Case and point is the school that I work for it's a small vocational school, also a family business has been slow. Slow to the point it's getting to the point we are not sure if the dooes will remain open much longer. We have made all sorts of excuses from the economy to the school down the road that has copied our entire program taking students but after today I have determined that it's my bad attitude and not being thankful for the small number of people who have chosen to spend their hard earned money as tuition with our school. Instead of focusing on the postitive of being greatful for the registrations we do have, we instead focus on the ones that we didn't get.

I also realized that my bad/lazy attitude directly affects the school in every way. If I'm a witch on the phone or to a walk in or even to the enrolled students why would they want to register or refer a friend to come to us instead of the other 4 schools that are close to them as well. Small changes can have big effects and I'm going to start with changing my outlook and attitude and give the rest to the god. So with that being said I'm going to close this blog entry and move ahead with a better attitude and a thankful heart for what I have. I hope that others can also take that and do the same for themseves. I'm not trying to change the whole world but the little patch of space that I have carved out and call my own.  Negative, poor attitudes destroy everything in their paths.

More later,

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