Friday, November 30, 2012

Working for the weekend

Here I am again.. *grin* Surprised aren't you?
Well yesterday at work was pretty uneventful. Class went well they all worked hard and I did my best to be attentive to them all and help them with their skills. But there were no registrations.... I don't know why... Maybe the big guy is trying to tell us something and we are just refusing to listen to the direction he wants us to go. About 6 months ago Jack's mom was talking about opening up a 2nd business. I being a crafty person and she loves making things it was decided after an enormous amount of debating and researching that a craft "type" shop would be a wonderful business. Now her idea for a crafty business is not the same as mine but she is the one investing the money so, she started making moves to open it. Got a business name/license, looked at places to rent. When the shop next to us decided to relocate and the space next to us opened up. She debated for a couple of weeks and then decided to rent the space. It seemed like everything was falling into place. And then... dun dun dun! The bottom dropped out of the school and registrations plummeted so there was/is no money to go forward with opening the new shop. I don't know what this is telling her/me/us but some direction would be nice.

I know this is only my 2nd day of deciding to be positive but it seems like I'm being met with negativity every time I turn around. Stress, worry and fear do not make it easy for a person to be happy and positive. Here is one example of several of the negative issues I already encountered this morning. Instructor #1 who has been with us the longest like almost 5 years  says he is quitting if we continue to employ Instructor #2. I won't got into the details of why these two refuse to get along. So now because of the ultimatum given to my boss, Instructor # 1 will not be kept on after this class completes. And here is yet another shoe dropping Instructor #2 who is not innocent in this private war that is being waged will be out till March with a broken leg. Thank God we still have Instructor #3 who is blissfully out of this battle. I'm knocking on wood and saying a silent prayer as I type this as to not jinx myself. But the upside to losing 2 instructors is we don't have the students so we really don't need them. See look at me I'm being positive!!! Hee hee hee!

Last night I did get 2 more cards done for that Bundle of thank you card swap I hosted. I'm so happy that my partner Nica agreed to push back the deadline as we maybe just maybe have overloaded our plates with projects. So here are the 2 cards I finished. They are all 4.25 by 5.5

For all cards in the bundle of thank yous I'm making, I let my partner Nica choose the paper collection. She had a choice between MME cowboy and SEI Couture since her favorite colors are purple, green and blue and she chose SEI Couture paper collection it's a pretty blend of all of them. I know it's an older collection but a very pretty one I'm happy I bought it I have used it in several projects now. I'm not going to go into details of what I used where if you would like details on supplies send me a message or leave a comment.

More Later

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