Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rinse and repeat

So Monday was a very quiet uneventful day... Just like all the others.  I feel like those shampoo directions. "Work into a rich  lather and rinse thoroughly and repeat if desired.”… then you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about!  Although I'm not rich and there is no lather the work part was partially true. I also don't recommend the last part in the shower. You can slip in the we shower and hurt yourself badly. I know from experience, but that is a story for another time.

I did get a chance to work on 1 more of my Thank you cards last night and here it is.  if any of you all would like to know what I used let me know I can start linking or explaining techniques

Today is testing my patience it seems like just as I made the decision to be more positive I keep getting tested. I don't know how many crazy people have to call and ask me the questions that they already know, cutting me off when I try and answer.  The blessing of it all is I can sit at my desk and watch the traffic go by and there is even a couple of trees across the road so I can see some nature. It's windy and trees are dropping leaves like crazy! It's cool since they are all different colors of yellow orange & green.  I think they are... well I'm not sure what they are but I can tell you with 100% certainty they are not birch, maple or dogwood.... which means there are a LOT of other options of trees that change colors and drop their leaves... I will do some research on it and try to remember to get back to you. Not that if even matters what they really are. 

Other exciting news... This weekend crazy drunk lady ran from the police and crashed into one of the bridges which I use for my commute home. It's been closed since Sunday and should reopen some time today but with the city you never know what is really gonna happen. I just don't like it because I drove myself  to work and been here all day by myself and will remain alone here at work until 5 when CPR starts. But because I drove myself and if the bridge remains shut down it will increase my commute time and that I do not like the thought of. I have done enough commuting in my life and don't want to sit in traffic any more time than I have to. Although I'm not sure that anyone really likes to commute. Monday the traffic was TERRIBLE! It took 45 min to get home and it usually only takes about 15. I have my fingers crossed the bridge is open and it only takes me 15 min to get home tonight.

It's been a really tough day for me *giggle* painting my nails has been very taxing for me. Talk about a total cliche'!!!  Receptionist drinking coffee, painting nails and answering the phone.... LOL! but I'm all alone here at the school today. I don't have anyone but the ridiculous people on the phone to talk to. The boss is taking the day off and she deserves it! The stress of running this place ans registrations be low she needs a day off  to do some stuff around the house, laundry for the school, and anything else she wants to do. The highlight of my day was I had an appointment at 1 for registration and she actually followed though and reserved a seat!! We just need like a million more! And we will be able to start the class on time!.
I bought some crafty stuff to work on today but I don't have much gumption just yet I worked on a card for the bundle of thank you's and it's very cute a posted at the end of this entry. I think I'll put some flowers together that I started making last night. I saw a awesome tutorial for tattered hibiscus and have done my own take on them. The blog that I found is awesome her is her link Oh, Scrapulous!! She hasn't updated in quite some time but her work is amazing!!! Here are the ones that I did just a bit differently

Here are my nails. I'm sure all 7 of you following my blog were dying to seen them ;-D. I used my Saloon express and stamped a pink flower and then I stamped a black out like just off set from that to give it a funky look. I need to clean up the edges of them but for me that's a pretty good paint job. I'm terrible at painting nails so I hardly ever do it well that and I am such a impatient person I start touching stuff too soon and ruin the paint job. Just as I have done  I did such a good job of not touching anything until I put the top coat on. Then it all went down hill from there. I miss judged the dry time of the top coat and now they are smeared and yucky looking. So now I'll have to take it all off and start over. It really sucks! I painted them in anticipation of doing videos tonight, but seeing as how I need to repaint them don't know when I'll get to them now. Hopefully in the next couple of days I 'll do the videos

Ok well that's about all I have right now.
More Later,

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