Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One exciting week!

I tried to post this on Monday but for some reason my blogger app on my phone will not post and keeps saying it is still publishing. I got an amazing box at my work on Monday! It was from my Secret Santa whom I now know is Jacky !!!!  This is what came to my work I was really speechless and shocked that it was delivered here. I then had to suffer though the whole day of knowing that I had this box here at work and I wasn't allowed to open it until I got home and could open it on camera

 Here is my video!!!.
I really am glad that I listened to Gina because it was AMAZING!!!! I know that I appreciated being able to see my partners reactions when she got her package.  The package I sent off was also delivered all the way to Australia! Here is her video of opening it.

This entry is really basic. I know there isn't really much to read but I'm pretty proud of my self learning how to embed video's all by my self. I have a terrible case of the tireds tonight here at work and I'm waiting for lecture to be over so I can start my demonstration after that. Then I can head home!
More Later,


  1. I saw both the videos.Maria sounded so happy and excited,so you must be pleased.I loved everything that Jacky sent.Love this swap concept.:-)

  2. It was really a wonderful experiance! Your package should be on it's way soon!!!! You have to make a video when you open it. Thanks for stopping by